Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Under Armour Partnership to Celebrate Girls in Sports

Previously, the Chief Executive Officer of The Rouse Company, Anthony W. Deering, serves as chairman of Exeter Capital based in Lutherville, Maryland. An experienced board executive and director, Anthony W. Deering is also a director of Under Armour, which recently partnered with She Plays We Win to empower the next generation of female sports stars. 

She Plays We Win is a project that seeks to empower young girls in sports by celebrating their individual confidence, passion, and unique athleticism. By using the camera’s lens to capture powerful and inspiring photos of girls in action, the project’s founder, Christian Rose, seeks to build the confidence of other girls to join sports as well as to boost the confidence of young girls already in sports. Celebrating and promoting confidence in young girls today is important as it will play a huge role in shaping who they become tomorrow. 

By partnering with Rose, Under Armour seeks to share the images and stories of the brave young athletes and through it, appreciate the strength and confidence that sports offers young girls across the world. The partnership will see Rose’s photos assimilated into Under Armour’s seasonal shoots and featured across its digital media. Under Armour’s generous support has also led to the launching of limited edition She Plays We Win apparel and accessories that are available at the Under Armour digital store.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

Anthony W. Deering currently serves as a Director of Under Armour and Brixmor Property Group. Born in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Anthony W. Deering brings a vast amount of skill and experience to his role as chairman, member, or trustee on the boards of a number of well-respected financial institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Elected by the shareholders, a company’s Board of Directors is generally the highest decision-making body. The board's primary function is not to oversee day-to-day operations. Rather, the purpose of its oversight is to ensure that standards of accountability are being met. The Board of Directors' primary responsibilities include:

1. Appointing the chief executive officer.

2. Establishing and reviewing strategic plans and objectives.

3. Developing compensation packages in keeping with strategic plans and objectives.

4. Establishing policies and the organizational framework the management operates within.

In its oversight role, the board is a critical factor in keeping a corporation's financial system operating in a sound manner. Effective board members also have a solid understanding of what services the institution offers, and the risks that it faces.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Friends School of Baltimore Models Simplicity and Community

Anthony W. Deering, chairman of Exeter Capital, LLC, serves on many boards and organizations as a trustee and valued advisor. Anthony W. Deering supports the Friends School of Baltimore, and once served as a trustee for the institution.

Friends School of Baltimore is a coeducational college preparatory school for children Pre-K to 12th grade. Founded in 1784, Friends School of Baltimore models the ideals of the Religious Society of Friends, also known as the Quakers. Friends School teaches self-awareness, truth, equality, community, simplicity, and peaceful resolution of conflict. 

By setting high standards for each student, Friends strives to develop the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and creative strengths to enable its students to contribute positively to the world. Friends promotes internal self-motivation, a passion for learning, determination, and a strong desire for excellence. The school is best suited for students that thrive in a challenging and enhanced learning environment.

Friends School of Baltimore exemplifies the Quaker beliefs through kindness, respect for diversity, concern for the environment, and student-led support for the victims of social injustice and natural disasters.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Roles of Financial Professionals Defined

Former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at The Rouse Company, Anthony W. Deering brings decades of financial services experience to his current role as a Director with Under Armour. Anthony W. Deering, who received his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, has successfully served the investment industry in a wide range of capacities.

There is no shortage of professionals willing to provide a variety of financial services. Understanding the roles of investment advisors, stockbrokers, and financial planners will allow you to find the right type to achieve your goals.

Investment advisors can be individuals or companies who offer clients educated and informed advice regarding a variety of investment products, such as stocks and mutual funds. Depending on the total value of assets under their management, investment advisors are required to be registered with either the SEC or a state regulator. 

A stockbroker, also referred to as a registered representative, is any person who engages in securities transactions on behalf of clients. Similarly, a broker-dealer buys and sells securities on behalf of customers (as a broker), for itself (as a dealer), or both. Stockbrokers are required to be registered, maintain FINRA membership, pass exams, and be associated with a broker-dealer institute.

Financial planners assist people and corporations in meeting their financial goals. They are expected to evaluate a client's current financial standing and then formulate a plan to meet specific objectives. Financial planners will typically have a specialty such as asset allocation, retirement, insurance, or estate planning. No specialized training or registration is required to call oneself a financial planner. However, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards does offer certification for candidates that successfully pass an exam.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Baltimore Museum of Art Presents Queer Interiors for Public Viewing


Anthony W. Deering has been the chairman of Exeter Capital, LLC, since 2004. Additionally, Anthony W. Deering has served with the Baltimore Museum of Art as a past chairman of the board. Currently he is serving as a trustee for the Baltimore Museum of Art.

The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) has a new exhibit showing in the Commons gallery, next to the Imagining Home exhibition. The ground-breaking exhibit, Queer Interiors, is a multimedia piece exploring domesticity in the lives of LGBTQI+ communities. The project features a very large bed and furnishings, and a multimedia wall quilt called the Baltimore LGBTQI+ Home Movie Quilt. The quilt component pays tribute to Baltimore album quilts and the AIDS Quilt.

Queer Interiors, created by Baltimore-based artists Rahne Alexander and Jaimes Mayhew working in conjunction with Chase Brexton Health Care’s LGBT Health Resource Center, is part of the BMA’s Commons Collaboration initiative. The BMA Commons Collaboration initiative commissions an artist or artists and a non-profit organization to co-produce programs relating to Imagining Home.

The Baltimore Museum of Art is only the second major museum in the US to spotlight an installation by transgender artists.