Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Under Armour Partnership to Celebrate Girls in Sports

Previously, the Chief Executive Officer of The Rouse Company, Anthony W. Deering, serves as chairman of Exeter Capital based in Lutherville, Maryland. An experienced board executive and director, Anthony W. Deering is also a director of Under Armour, which recently partnered with She Plays We Win to empower the next generation of female sports stars. 

She Plays We Win is a project that seeks to empower young girls in sports by celebrating their individual confidence, passion, and unique athleticism. By using the camera’s lens to capture powerful and inspiring photos of girls in action, the project’s founder, Christian Rose, seeks to build the confidence of other girls to join sports as well as to boost the confidence of young girls already in sports. Celebrating and promoting confidence in young girls today is important as it will play a huge role in shaping who they become tomorrow. 

By partnering with Rose, Under Armour seeks to share the images and stories of the brave young athletes and through it, appreciate the strength and confidence that sports offers young girls across the world. The partnership will see Rose’s photos assimilated into Under Armour’s seasonal shoots and featured across its digital media. Under Armour’s generous support has also led to the launching of limited edition She Plays We Win apparel and accessories that are available at the Under Armour digital store.